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      Sonix MCU  (45)
      Elan MCU  (51)
      RFоƬ  (12)
      HD EEPROM  (1)
      Metal link  (1)
      M0  (3)
      HD FLASH  (14)
      ֱR_  (2)
      FLASH  (12)

      The SN8PC20 is a RISC-like high performance and low operating voltage 8-bit micro-controller (1.8V~3.6V @1MIPS). One clock per instruction cycle (1T) architecture will provide up to 8MIPS computation power. The device is designed with the excellent IC structure including the program memory up to 2K-word OTP ROM, data memory of 56-bytes RAM, one 8-bit timer counters (T0), a watchdog timer, two interrupt sources (T0, INT0), one channel duty/cycle programmable IR output (IROUT) with 400mA sunk current and 4-level stack buffers. There are four oscillator configurations to select for generating system clock, including High/Low Speed crystal, ceramic resonator or cost-saving RC. This device also includes an internal 8MHz RC oscillator for system clock and includes an internal low frequency RC oscillator for slow mode controlled by programming.

      • Operating voltage: 1.8V~3.6V at Fcpu = 1MIPS

      • ROM size: 2K * 16 bits

      • RAM size: 56 * 8 bits

      • 4-levels stack buffer

      • Bi-directional I/O: P0, P1, P5

      • Level trigger wakeup Input Port: P0, P1

      • External interrupt: P0

      • One channel IR output pin with 400mA sunk current

      • One external interrupts: INT0

      • One internal interrupts: T0

      • On-chip watch dog

      • Internal High Clock: 8MHz RC oscillator

      • External High Clock: Crystal type up to 8MHz

      • Internal Low Clock: RC oscillator, about 16KHz at 3V

      • One clock per instruction cycle

      • Most of instructions are one cycle only

      • All ROM area lookup table function(MOVC)

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