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      Sonix MCU  (45)
      Elan MCU  (51)
      RFоƬ  (12)
      HD EEPROM  (1)
      Metal link  (1)
      M0  (3)
      HD FLASH  (14)
      ֱR_  (2)
      FLASH  (12)

        The EM78P809N is an 8-bit microprocessor with low-power, high-speed CMOS technology and high noise immunity. It has a built-in 8K x 13-bits Electrical One Time Programmable Read Only Memory (OTP-ROM). It provides multi-protection bits to prevent intrusion of user's OTP memory codes. Seven Option bits are also available to meet user's requirements.

      With its OTP-ROM feature, the EM78P809N is able to offer a convenient way of developing and verifying user's programs. Moreover, user can take advantage of ELAN Writer to easily program his development code


      • Operating voltage: 2.5V ~ 5.5V
      • Operating temperature range: -40C ~ 85C
      • Operating frequency range (base on 2 clocks)
        * Crystal mode: 1MHz ~ 8MHz at 4.5V, 1MHz ~ 4MHz at 2.5V
        * RC mode: 1MHz ~ 4MHz at 2.5V
      • Low power consumption:
        * Typically 0.8 A, during sleep mode
      • 8K x 13 bits on-chip ROM
        Multi-security bits to prevent intrusion of OTP memory codes
      • One configuration register accommodates user's requirements
      • 144 x 8 bits on-chip registers (SRAM, general purpose register)
      • 4 bi-directional I/O ports (22 pins)
        * High sink current output pin: 14 pins
        * 10 programmable pull high I/O pins
        * 10 programmable pull low I/O pins
      • 8 level stacks for subroutine nesting
      • High performance MCU: Two clocks per instruction cycle
      • 15 interrupts (External: 4, Internal: 11)
      • Programmable free running watchdog timer
      • 16 bits Counter/Timer
        * TC2: Timer/Counter/Window
      • 8 bits Timer/Counter
        * TCC: 8-bit real time clock/counter with overflow interrupt
        * TC3: Timer/Counter/Capture
        * TC4: Timer/Counter/ PWM (pulse width modulation)/PDO (Programmable divider output)
      • Time Base Timer: (1Hz ~ 16KHz at 8MHz)
      • Key tone output: (1KHz ~ 8KHz at 8MHz)
      • Serial transmitter/receiver interface
        * Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI): Three-wire synchronous communication
        * Universal asynchronous receiver transmitter interface (UART): Two wire asynchronous communication
      • AD converter
        * 8 channel 10 bits resolution AD converter
      • Operating mode:
        * Normal mode: Oscillation circuit turned on, CPU and Peripheral circuit in operation
        * Idle mode: Oscillation circuit turned on, CPU halt and Peripheral circuit in operation
        * Sleep mode: Oscillation circuit turned off, CPU and Peripheral circuit halt
      • Package types:
        * 28-pin DIP 600mil: EM78P809NP
        * 28-pin SOP 300mil: EM78P809NM
        * 28-pin SSOP 209mil: EM78P809NS
      • 99.9% single instruction cycle commands

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