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      Sonix MCU  (45)
      Elan MCU  (51)
      RFоƬ  (12)
      HD EEPROM  (1)
      Metal link  (1)
      M0  (3)
      HD FLASH  (14)
      ֱR_  (2)
      FLASH  (12)

      The EM78P301N is an 8-bit microprocessor designed and developed with low-power and high-speed CMOS technology. The device has an on-chip 1Kx13-bit Electrical One Time Programmable Read Only Memory (OTP-ROM). It provides a protection bit to prevent intrusion of users OTP memory code. Three Code option bits are also available to meet users requirements.

      With enhanced OTP-ROM features, the EM78P301N provides a convenient way of developing and verifying users programs. Moreover, this OTP device offers the advantages of easy and effective program updates, using development and programming tools. User can avail of the ELAN Writer to easily program his development code.

      • CPU Configuration
      • 1Kx13 bits on-chip ROM
      • 80x8 bits on-chip registers (SRAM)
      • 8-level stacks for subroutine nesting
      • Less than 1.5 mA at 5V/4 MHz
      • Typically 15A, at 3V/32kHz
      • Typically 2A, during sleep mode
      • I/O Port Configuration
      • 3 bidirectional I/O ports:P5, P6, P7
      • 12 I/O pins
      • Wake-up port:P5
      • 8 programmable pull-down I/O pins (P50~P57)
      • 10 programmable pull-high I/O pins (P50~P57, P60, P67)
      • 2 programmable open-drain I/O pins (P60, P67)
      • 8 programmable high-sink current I/O pins (P50~P57, P60, P67)
      • External interrupt:P60
      • Operating Voltage and Temperature Range:
      • 2.1V~5.5V at 0C~70C (commercial)
      • 2.3V~5.5V at -40C~85C (industrial)
      • Operating frequency range (base on 2 clocks):
      • Crystal mode: DC ~ 16 MHz, 4.5V ; DC ~ 8 MHz, 3V; DC ~ 4 MHz, 2.1V
      • ERC mode: DC ~ 2 MHz, 2.1V;
      • IRC mode

      Oscillation mode: 16 MHz, 4 MHz, 1 MHz, 8 MHz
      Internal RC Frequency Drift Rate
      Temperature(-40C~85C) Voltage Process Total
      4 MHz 2% 1%*(2.1~5.5V) 2% 5%
      16 MHz 2% 1%*(4.5~5.5V) 2% 5%
      8 MHz 2% 1%*(3.0~5.5V) 2% 5%
      1 kHz 2% 1%*(2.1~5.5V) 2% 5%

      *Operating voltage range

      • All the four main frequencies can be trimmed by programming with six calibrated bits in the ICE300N Simulator. OTP is auto trimmed by ELAN Writer.
      • Fast set-up time requires only 0.8ms (VDD: 5V Crystal: 4 MHz, C1/C2: 15pF) in XT mode and 10s in IRC mode (VDD: 5V, IRC: 4 MHz)

      • Peripheral configuration
      • 8-bit real time clock/counter (TCC) with selective signal sources, trigger edges, and overflow interrupt
      • 4 programmable Level Voltage Detector (LVD):4.5V, 4.0V, 3.3V, 2.2V
      • Power-on reset and three programmable level voltage reset
        POR: 1.8V (Default), LVR: 4.0, 3.5, 2.7V
      • 8-bit multi-channel Analog-to-Digital Converter with 12-bit resolution in Vref (2/3/4v) mode
      • Two Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) with 8-bit resolution
      • Nine available interrupts
      • TCC overflow interrupt
      • Input-port status changed interrupt (wake up from sleep mode)
      • External interrupt
      • ADC completion interrupt
      • Low voltage detect (LVD) interrupt
      • PWM 1~2 period match interrupt
      • PWM 1~2 duty match interrupt
      • Special Features
      • Programmable free running Watchdog Timer (4.5 ms:18 ms)
      • Power saving Sleep mode
      • Power-on voltage detector available
      • High EFT immunity (better performance at 4 MHz or below)
      • Package Type:
      • 14-pin DIP 300mil:EM78P301ND14J
      • 14-pin SOP 150mil:EM78P301NSO14J

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